GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?

The GameCredits Coin (GAME) is designed for the purchase of goods and services within the gaming industry. Its functional is the purchase of gaming applications and the internal store as part of online projects.

GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Who is behind the crypto currency?
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GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Development began in 2014 by a Serbian development team. Based on the source code of Bitcoin, the Scrypt algorithm and the Proof of Work protocol, this crypto currency is characterized by its technical functionality and offers original ideas. There is a limit of 84 million coins and a gradual decrease of the reward with each block.

The developers actively support the basic principles of digital money – as a decentralized storage and transfer system, with anonymity of use and reliability of the system against attacks. A special feature of the project is its focus on the gaming industry.

Those developers concentrate on statistical data – about 2.5 billion players worldwide and more than 100 billion U.S. dollars in sales. The idea of creating a crypto currency is to create a one-tier trading platform where game developers and users can sell and buy content.

GameCredits Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The GameCredits Inc. team consists primarily of players. They have penetrated computer technology and blockchain technology because of the games and then started programming. They founded the company in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2016. Now the team employs 100 people in 10 offices in five countries.

About the Coin

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Advantages and disadvantages
Fraud protection – The service is based on a decentralized block chain system that ensures the reliability of its functionality.
reduced commission – for the use of the platform they deduct only 10% from the usual 30% for Google Play, Apple Store and Steam for the game developers
Accelerated incoming payments – up to 60 hours and increased deposit limits
the possibility of joint promotion of goods and services with other developers
Agility of capital – Players can earn in one game and invest their money in another
These features should include the standard for crypto currency money – network scaling, fast transaction confirmation, no returns and fraud protection. All these factors create excellent prospects for development and the project as a whole.

In the spring of 2018, the developers, whose team already includes around a hundred specialists around the world, released MobileGo, a mobile store for buying and selling games. The advantage of this system is its integration with digital money – the purchase of goods and services is available for Bitcoins, Ether and the Game.Credits crypto currency.

The app store already has several hundred positions and with the evolution of the platform and its expansion there is an influx of new users among both developers and players. At the same time the use of the GAME crypto currency is actively supported – purchases with this digital money are subsidized by bonuses.

Bitcoin Profit – What is it?

Power Ledger – uses blockchain technology to democratize energy. The Blockchain forms a network through which sustainable and cheap electricity is to be transmitted. In particular, it should help small energy suppliers to bring their electricity under the man without the need for middlemen.

Power Ledger Token and Bitcoin Profit

The Blockchain forms a peer-to-peer platform on which buyers and sellers of electricity can trade directly with each other. A decentralized and global marketplace for energy is to be created. The platform also makes it possible to sell excess electricity from a household, Bitcoin Profit for example Bitcoin Profit through solar panels on the roof. Due to the elimination of middlemen and various large companies, the costs for the purchased electricity are also reduced.

The development aims in particular to supply sustainable electricity. The cost-effective sale of peer-to-peer makes it attractive to generate and sell electricity using solar cells. Even private individuals can become electricity traders. The developers hope that this will increase the demand for solar cells and lower the prices of photovoltaic systems.

There are several power ledger blockchains, POWR for short, and also two tokens: The token allows users to access the platform. This also applies to electricity providers. In order for the application host to access the platform, it must store POWR on the block chain. POWR is also used to acquire energy assets. Then there is the second token: Sparkz. This represents the traded energy and corresponds to the Fiat currencies with which the electricity is traded. Sparkz is used to purchase electricity.

As I said, POWR runs over several block groves. EcoChain is the private blockchain of developers, which uses proof-of-stake for consensus building. The platform now also runs on Ethereum, once publicly and once consortium-based. Here, too, the developers want to switch to proof-of-stake as soon as Casper is stable. For mining, only the tokens must be held in the Power Ledger Wallet.

The power ledger token has an upper limit of 1,000,000,000, and the price of a POWR depends entirely on the exchanges. As with most other crypto currencies, the token has no fixed price. The Sparkz Token has no upper limit. Sparkz are created when they are needed and destroyed when they are taken back. The price of Sparkz is linked to the price of Fiat currencies and to the price of a country’s electricity. This should keep the price quite stable. A separate blockchain will be created for each Fiat currency so that multiple currencies around the world will be able to participate in the platform.

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Power Ledger – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The team behind the crypto currency has already gained experience in the area of block chains and the electricity market. The company has a total of five founders. Bill Tai, to name one, is a world-renowned risk investor with a degree from Harvard. He is the Chairman of Treasure Data, a member of the Bitfury and Boxer board of directors, and a board member of several companies he founded as startups. John Bulich leads the technical team and also oversees the company’s strategic decisions. He is also one of the founders of Ledger Assets, a leading Australian block chain development company.

The ICO was a complete success for the company. The developers envisaged that no single major investors could benefit from the ICO alone by spending $25,000. Instead, it was available to a broad public. Within three days the presale was sold out with 190,000,000 tokens. The remaining 160,000,000 tokens were sold to the ICO. In total, the company earned 34 million Australian dollars. At the same time, the company was supported by the Australian government and received an additional 8 million.

The Bitcoin price is traded within a triangle pattern

The bitcoin price consolidates within a short term symmetrical triangular pattern
Technical indicators Signals
The 100 SMA is below the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is downwards. This means that sales pressure is likely to continue. The 100 SMA at $6,430 has also proved to be dynamic resistance. However, the gap between moving averages has narrowed significantly to signal a slowdown in downward pressure. This could also signal an imminent crossover that could attract more buyers and reverse the trend. The RSI is currently at the 60’s mark, but is pointing downwards so that sales pressure could increase. The triangle formation includes a support level at $6,390 on the one hand, and resistance at $6,512 on the other, with the MACD slightly in the bullish zone. You should focus on the course within the triangle formation and where it breaks out.

market factors

Last week hasn’t had too much positive news. There are currently many uncertainties in the market. Not only the accusation of market manipulation but also the uncertainties regarding imminent regulation. Yesterday we reported on Japan that in the coming month a directive will be drawn up in cooperation with the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to guide other economies.

Ethereum Prize Highlights

The Ether price could not move above the resistance of $510
There was a breach below a crucial bullish trend line on the hourly chart, supporting at $500
ETH is at risk of further losses as long as it is below $510 and the 100-hour SMA
The Ethereum price is currently in a declining zone against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH could fall further towards $475 in the near future.

Technical indicators Signals

There was a rally above the $500 mark. The price traded some points above $500, but could not gain momentum. As a result, there was a downward reaction and the price fell below the $500 level. The $495 mark and the 100 hours SMA were also breached, which is a bearish sign. More importantly, there was a breach below a crucial bullish trend line with support at $500 on the hourly chart. Should there be a downtrend below $488, Ether may see further declines towards $475.