GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?

Von | 10. September 2018

The GameCredits Coin (GAME) is designed for the purchase of goods and services within the gaming industry. Its functional is the purchase of gaming applications and the internal store as part of online projects.

GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Who is behind the crypto currency?
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Where can I buy the GameCredits coin?
GameCredits Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Development began in 2014 by a Serbian development team. Based on the source code of Bitcoin, the Scrypt algorithm and the Proof of Work protocol, this crypto currency is characterized by its technical functionality and offers original ideas. There is a limit of 84 million coins and a gradual decrease of the reward with each block.

The developers actively support the basic principles of digital money – as a decentralized storage and transfer system, with anonymity of use and reliability of the system against attacks. A special feature of the project is its focus on the gaming industry.

Those developers concentrate on statistical data – about 2.5 billion players worldwide and more than 100 billion U.S. dollars in sales. The idea of creating a crypto currency is to create a one-tier trading platform where game developers and users can sell and buy content.

GameCredits Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The GameCredits Inc. team consists primarily of players. They have penetrated computer technology and blockchain technology because of the games and then started programming. They founded the company in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2016. Now the team employs 100 people in 10 offices in five countries.

About the Coin

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Advantages and disadvantages
Fraud protection – The service is based on a decentralized block chain system that ensures the reliability of its functionality.
reduced commission – for the use of the platform they deduct only 10% from the usual 30% for Google Play, Apple Store and Steam for the game developers
Accelerated incoming payments – up to 60 hours and increased deposit limits
the possibility of joint promotion of goods and services with other developers
Agility of capital – Players can earn in one game and invest their money in another
These features should include the standard for crypto currency money – network scaling, fast transaction confirmation, no returns and fraud protection. All these factors create excellent prospects for development and the project as a whole.

In the spring of 2018, the developers, whose team already includes around a hundred specialists around the world, released MobileGo, a mobile store for buying and selling games. The advantage of this system is its integration with digital money – the purchase of goods and services is available for Bitcoins, Ether and the Game.Credits crypto currency.

The app store already has several hundred positions and with the evolution of the platform and its expansion there is an influx of new users among both developers and players. At the same time the use of the GAME crypto currency is actively supported – purchases with this digital money are subsidized by bonuses.